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What is deepedit and what comes with the trial?

DeepEdit comes with an integrated GUI for editing oneline network elements.
And the traditional online schematic diagram is extended to market and hydro connectivity elements. Discover all the features


Deep-Editor comes with integrated calculation tools like power flow, OPF, economic dispatch and oters


Network editor allows users to easily modify schematics and tabular network elements such as generation, transmission, etc


VSI reports permit importing results from proprietary and complex databases to an easy unique report interface


DeepEdit features an embedded hydro editor for visualization and edition of complex hydro cascade systems


The market editor allows users to easily modify financial objects and define their interaction between them elements

Help content

Comes with a complete user manual with screenshots and step by step tutorials to help user getting started..

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Windows 64-bits exe installer version with everything you need to get started



Linux 64-bits .deb package for easy installation


zip option

Multi-platform installation. Unzip and run Deepedit jar file with the Java 9 or superior

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