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Getting started is never easy! We help you with this custom tutorials to help you get a grasp of DeepEdit's most common features

Web site instructions and Download guidelines for getting the DeepEdit app. Installers are currently available for Windows and Linux only. Mac OS users can download the .zip version and execute calling its own Java installation. We suggest the following execution command:

java -Xmx1024m -jar DeepEdit.jar

Getting started with packaged examples or download online examples from our partners

DC-Power Flow is the simplest form of Power System network analysis. DeepEdit uses linear algebra to formulate the equations. An iterative method is used to calculate losses using the classic “quadratic” loss formula or the cosin-phi method.

The AC power flow solves the non-linear power balance equation system that rules the flow distribution in AC systems. DeepEdit uses the fast-decoupled NR method. It can switch to full NR and automatically switch to PQ when Q limits are exceeded. A Voltage visualizar renders voltage distribution in Schematic

The Economic dispatch is an optimization problem that seeks to minimize total generation cost considering the load distribution across the network. The rule that govern the flow distribution is the DC Power flow equations

The DC load flow equations is not explicitly embedded into the optimization problem but, instead, the flow sensitivities are derived from the Impedance Matrix.

The Full-DC explicitly models the voltage angles as optimization variables. The classic DC-Power flow equations are embedded into the cost-minimization problem. Solution of Large-Scale and Full-DC economic dispatch should be identical in the absence of losses

What Our Students Have to Say

In 2018 I was looking for a powerful and customizable tool to develop a research work. I found DeepEdit and loved it!
Ignacio Ñancupil
From Universidad Chile
I first used DeepEdit as an undergraduate student. Great learning tool for fast simulation and visualization, intuitive and easy to use. Since then, I have used it for research and developing innovative industry projects
Angela Flores
From TU Berlin
I had the opportunity to work with DeepEdit's power exchange simulator as agent and market operator. As a practical exercise to consolidate what I learned in my Power System Economics course, it has been one of the best experiences in college
Jorge Chaparro
From Universidad de los Andes Colombia
When I was taking Energy Systems I started using DeepEdit, since then it has been a great learning tool!
Francisco Bugueño
From Universidad Chile